Monday, 2 March 2015

Marder II

Finally finished my Marder II platoon. Got stalled on them when doing my Marder IIIs (see earlier post) but on a bit of a push to complete a number of partly done things.

I had a couple of the Can Do pre-painted Marder IIs a while back but they are too hard to get hold of and so got rid of them. Finally managed to get some reasonably priced resin kits (1/144 scale) - 3 different manufacturers but the vehicles are almost identical. One of my favourite Marders.

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  1. Dear Steven,

    What were the 3 resin Manufactures where you purchased the Marder II's?


    1. 2 of the kits I got from an ebay seller (Krupp_144):

      nothing on sale at the moment and not seen them selling the Marder II since I got them a while ago. The other 2 I got from an ebay type site in Taiwan, Not sure if they post overseas, I happened to be there last summer