Friday, 27 March 2015

Waterloo buildings part 7 - Gemioncourt farm

This is my version of Gemioncourt (a farm south of Quatre Bras). I found some photos and paintings but they just show the gate, so I used satellite images to get the layout of the farm and then found the most suitable buildings from various manufacturers.

[post updated after I realised I had misspelled the name!]

The buildings are:

  • big barn is from a La Haye Sainte model from Germany; 
  • the long barn in the near corner is from the same La Haye Sainte set;
  • the main house is a J&R municipal building (I cut off the low wall in front of the entrance steps);
  • the short barn next to the main building is a piece cut of a J&R barn (the rest of it is in my Hougoumont, version 1);
  • the 2 barns side by side are J&R;
  • the gate and walls by the gate are from a GHQ gate set;
  • the other walls are cut from the La Haye Sainte set.

The base is approximately 15cm by 15cm.

I took photos as I was going along and will do a post on a tutorial tomorrow, mainly on the basing but I will cover the basic painting technique.

The trees are Timecast.

A barrel from Perfect Six.

A couple of smaller barrels from Perfect Six.

Haystacks are Timecast, the sacks are Pendraken 10mm.

Wheel from an Adler cannon.

Now with some troops in for a size comparison.

The Waterloo buildings I have done so far are:

Quatre Bras
La Belle Alliance
La Haie (La Haye)
La Haye Sainte
Hougoumont (version 1)

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