WW2 manufacturers

Here is a list of links to the main manufacturers I use.

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Keep an eye out in my blogs for discussions of the relative merits of each manufacturer and differences in the sizes of the models.

Pithead: 10mm metal

a massive range and some really unusual models. Good quality and very good value. I use a lot of Pithead vehicles.

Pendraken: 10mm metal

again a big range and particularly good for infantry and crew figures. Vehicles tend to be slightly smaller than Pithead hence why most of my metal vehicles tend to be Pithead.

Minfigis: 12mm metal

not a particularly big range but a decent amount. Their website has recently changed to say these are 10mm but size wise they are definitely more like 12mm and fit well with 1/144 scale. I have got rid of most of my Minifigs to be honest as they have lots of flash and are hard work to clean up. The artillery is particularly good though but even here I have begun to use Pithead more as their range has expanded a lot in the last year or so. Minifigs infantry and crew tend to be a bit small and skinny. Can be a bit expensive for what they are.

Arrowhead Miniatures: 1/144 metal

not a massive range but very nice if somewhat more expensive than Pithead or Pendraken (used to be called Wargames South). Some of the vehicles are noticeably larger than the plastic 1/144 equivalents, but others are a good match. Much of my infantry and from them but very little of the infantry range is currently available.

Gramodels: 1/150 resin

around 10mm scale but generally a bit bigger than most metal 10mm. Actually in their catalog this range is titled "2mm". Like all resin models the kits need some repair with modelling putty to deal with casting abnormalities so needs a reasonable amount of modelling skill to make these. The detail is excellent though so well worth the effort and they paint up very nicely.

Atelier Infinite: 1/144 resin kits
Can be bought via Amazon Japan

These are quite expensive but as far as the kits go these are the best resin kits I have seen. Unlike most resin it is not at all brittle and has no bubbles in the casting (so I guess the high price comes with high quality). The resin is slightly soft - not that it marks but when cutting it actually cuts properly and does not snap or break, this means that lumps left from the molding process are easily removed. It also means that very small pieces can be cut and remain square for gluing on and don't break when cleaning up etc.

CDG: 1/144 3D printed

GDG produce a range of 1/144 vehicles and equipment that are 3D printed. The 3D printing makes the surface quite rough, but from any sort of distance (even a foot) it is not noticeable. It makes it slightly tricky to paint and takes more coats than a plastic, resin or metal kit and also the colour comes out differently than if applied to those other surfaces. They have recently changed their material and printing method, the effect is less bumpy and seems to be more smooth but with a ridge sort of effect on sloped surfaces.

Panzer Depot: 1/144 collectible

These are pre-painted models. Quite expensive although a growing range. I have a few and the first models they made are painted quite well but the bulk and particularly the newer ones are very poorly painted in my opinion. Given the price these are really for collectors rather than wargamers but given the quality of the painting I don't quite understand the market for them.

Metal Troops: 1/144 collectible

Now added a web site, but it seems to confirm the range is not expanding and very few of the original range still around, although you can sometimes get them on ebay and various online shops carry them. They are expensive but they are actually pretty good. I have some and these will appear at a suitable point in my posts. It seems they produce the War Room range of M4A1 Shermans which are generally available.

Waffen 144: 1/144 collectible

Not a big range and not cheap. I only have one of the Pak 88s and it is made of resin and a bit flimsy. They look a bit better than the later Panzer Depot vehicles but not as good as Metal Troops. I have no plans for buying any more.

Plastic 1/144:

I use a lot of Takara, Can Do and Panzer Korps plastic models. These are mostly out of production now so you need to rely on Ebay and other auction sites to get hold of them. Popy and Trumpeter only had small ranges and even harder to get hold of now. This website is a good place to see the full range of models, but they have very little of them in stock:


I will be doing some size comparisons of some of the above when the topic of my post means I have different manufacturers involved. In the meantime the site below is a good start - I used it to help me decide on where to start getting vehicles, it is a bit out of date now but still useful:

Unusual vehicles - ideas for conversions

I like modelling and converting things, as will come out in my posts, and the site below I have found useful for ideas. About half way down main page is a section called "Henk of Holland Model summary" which lists all the variants - those actually produced and test vehicles or just drawing board ideas - for a number of main vehicles across the nations in WW2. Interesting just to browse through:


  1. This might be of interest to you.

  2. Minifigs has picked up the infantry line of Wargames South 12mm figures - http://www.miniaturefigurines.co.uk/Catalogue.aspx?ScaleID=1&CategoryID=69