Saturday, 7 March 2015

Mercedes-Benz L4500R Maultier

Had these on the work bench for a while - my previous pot of Vallejo Midstone did not cover well so somewhat reduced my enthusiasm for doing Germans. New pot covers really well so back on to finishing off some Germans.

Mercedes-Benz L4500R Maultier, 4.5-ton halftrack trucks; these are resin kits from Gramodels. Stated scale is 1/150.

Previously I have left windows black with a bit of a light grey wash. This time I tried a pale blue and then white patch in the windows. I gave it a black wash after to tone down a bit. From a distance it certainly helps to give the impression of reflecting glass windows. Not sure I will do this on all trucks

Alongside a Pithead US GMC 352 105mm artillery tractor, just to give an idea of how big this Mercedes truck is.

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  1. All looks stunning as ever. Funny you mention the issue with coverage and Vallejo paints: this is a problem I've encountered before, despite having used the same colour without complaint previously. Must be the occasionally dodgy batch I suppose.