Friday, 27 March 2015

Waterloo buildings part 6 - Hougoumont (version 1)

This is a version I have made up using buildings from various manufacturers. Leven now make an excellent version but it is pretty large - ideal for an attack on Hougoumont scenario but far too big for a battle covering more of the front. Total Battle Miniatures have just released one which is smaller again than my version. I am just starting on the Leven model and will shortly get the TBM version. I have yet to decide whether to hold on to my version for bigger battles or use the TBM one, but I will definitely have the Leven and a smaller version of Hougoumont to suit both types of scenarios.

I based the layout on the model in the Waterloo museum (in Waterloo).

I have used the following buildings to make Hougoumont:

  • Leven storehouse for main gatehouse;
  • J&R barns either side of gatehouse;
  • chateau an Irregular farm house (the little 'chapel' at the rear comes with it);
  • the tower for the chateau is cut from a Leven Bavarian church;
  • the big barn on the side by Second City Games;
  • medium and small barns either side from J&R;
  • L shaped barns from J&R, one with a bit cut off;
  • pigeon house cut to shape from some resin left over from hacking about the Leven church;
  • walls from Leven cut to size;
  • gate from a 15mm wall and gate piece (had too long to know the make);
  • small garden wall just a strip cut from plasticard;
  • small wall and opening between chateau and main barn some plasticard.

The base is approximately 14cm by 20cm (the Leven version needs an A4 sheet, although I am going to reduce the walls to make a smaller footprint when I do mine). I have not yet done the gardens as I don't know which version I will actually use yet so I will do as needed.

And now with some troops in just for size comparisons:

The Waterloo buildings I have done so far are:

Quatre Bras
La Belle Alliance
La Haie (La Haye)
La Haye Sainte

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