Monday, 2 March 2015

Waterloo buildings part 3 - Papelotte

I have had a number of the new Leven 6mm Waterloo buildings undercoated and ready to start but been busy on other things. After a mammoth basing session for 6mm Napoleonics I decided it was about time to get some buildings done.

I liked the look of the Papelotte model so decided to concentrate on that (I have also been doing the La Haye Saint buildings in between so that should not be far behind - next weekend hopefully).  I think it looks a stunnign little model and I am very pleased with how it has turned out.

I undercoat black then paint dark grey with a big brush as a base for painting - it is good for the white and the roofs are a base of dark grey. After doing my first farms after the individual buildings had been glued on the base I learned my lesson and paint the buildings individually then stick on the base - a much easier process! I built a walled enclosure at the back using some rendered type effect wall strips I also got from Leven - the gate is a piece of 1mm ply. To give me flexibility I made the walled bit detachable.

There is lots of detail on the buildings and with four sides and four internal walls I have tried to give a good idea what it all looks like with a good lot of photos (click on them to expand to get the best views):

The door in the main archway is actually just flat on the model - so you could paint black as an open passage I guess. I have painted on the same sort of effect as the other doors and because I put the acrylic on thickly it gives a raised effect and looks pretty much like all the others that have a plank effect in the casting (click the picture to see this properly).

A closer looked at the walled area at the rear:

And with the walled area detached:

Best view of the barrels which I got from Richard over at Perfect Six - he made and cast them himself and I got a few samples with a batch of his figures. Really look the part. The wheel is from a 6mm Adler limber I had lying around. Nice to have a bit of 'life' with some daily items around.

Now with some figures to show how the buildings match up with Adler 6mm figures:

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  1. That's a beauty, keep it up!

  2. Superb building and also the troops inside. Great to see 6mm figures painted so nice!