Sunday, 15 February 2015

Wurttemburg infantry brigade

Not quite as many of these as the Bavarians so I have called them a brigade. Adler 6mm figures.

  • 2 regiments of infantry with 2 battalions each;
  • a battalion of light infantry
  • a foot battery
  • and some command stands.

I have liked the Wurttemburg artillery for ages - I even converted Airfix plastic 1/72 British RHA figures when I was a kid. Nice to have some proper ones

I particularly like the light infantry figures:

A couple of command bases:

For all my Napoleonic posts see the Napoleonic Summary page. Also on the basing and flags see my basing post.


  1. Figures look superb with your painting expertise.I am interested in what base size you used for inf companies and artillery and what would you use for those fabulous Wurttemburg Light Cavalry when you get them?

  2. Mark. I will probably run through my basing when I do a battle report but here is a quick overview.

    French style infantry units 6 bases of 6 on 18mm by 15mm deep;
    Russian, Prussians and other similar organisation 4 bases of 8 on 25mm by 15mm;

    Cavalry are on 30 mm by 20mm or 20mm by 20mm bases and I use a mix depending on the squadron strength. Russians are 8 man squadrons so are 2 of the larger bases with 3 figures each on one of the smaller bases with 2 figures. French have that organisation for heavy but light are 6 man squadrons and I normally do 3 of the 20mm by 20mm bases with 2 figures each (although sometime I have used tow of the larger bases with 3 figures each - for Austrians with 6 squadrons of 6 I do half of each)