Monday, 2 March 2015

Austrian Grenz 3 pdr battery

I have wanted to do something on this for a while as some scenarios I have my eye on need Grenz batteries. Not had much luck finding out what on earth a Grenz battery would look like though. Not sure why I was searching the net again recently but found a couple of posts that got me actively thinking about this again:

1809 Austrian Grenz battery Artillerist uniform

So after seeing this I thought, well I may need to get the Osprey book. Having searched some more for a picture of the uniform I finally found this later post and discussion:

Grenz Artillery Batteries of the Adv Divisions during 1809

So I decided that the approach suggested by TMP member summerfield was what I would go with - 4 crew, 2 from the artillery and 2 Grenz as muscle to move the guns about. Being small guns, 3 pdr at best, I used some Ros and Heroics I still had lying about (probably 12 pdr but are definitely small compared to even Adler 4 pdr guns). The Artillery Corp gunners are the Adler 6mm Austrian artillery crew and the Grenz are from the Adler collectors range of Grenz skirmishing; the guy loading his rifle actually really looks like someone with a wooden pole for maneuvering a gun. I based on a narrower base than I normally use for artillery (15mm rather than 20mm) to reflect the small guns.

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  1. Thats different.. you will still roll a 4 when you need too...

  2. Great solution carried out really well