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I have been an avid wargamer and model builder from an early age - started out building airfix and matchbox kits then developed into wargaming. While I am also keen on board games I continue to enjoy miniatures particularly the modelling aspects - I love doing conversions.

After flirting with various periods and scales over the years I have settled on 10/ 12mm WW2 and 6mm Napoleonics - although I still do the occasional Games Workshop 40K or Lord of the Rings figures (and these may make a rare appearance on the blog).

I prefer to play historical miniatures for fun with friends rather than in competitions. I have played more abstract games in competitive play. I did OK at Magic the Gathering, but nothing special. But I was the UK number one ranked player at the Wizards of the Coast Dreamblade game and the UK National Champion at World of Warcraft Miniatures. Both sadly now defunct.

If you want to ask anything about any of my posts then feel free to contact me by email.


  1. Where can I buy the 1/144th decals SMS 160-02
    BGBboogie of TMP

    1. It is out of print on the main website. I did get one from Pendraken a couple of months back but not sure if they still have any (it was not listed on the website but was in their email newsletter). Youc could always email them. You can still get the Panzer IV and Panther one on ebay

  2. What base sizes do you use for your 6 man & man company bases and also cav+art please. Painting and basing is superb, envious of your skills.


  3. I mentioned thios on a comment on the Wurttemburg post:

    French style infantry units 6 bases of 6 on 18mm by 15mm deep;
    Russian, Prussians and other similar organisation 4 bases of 8 on 25mm by 15mm;

    Cavalry are on 30 mm by 20mm or 20mm by 20mm bases and I use a mix depending on the squadron strength. Russians are 8 man squadrons so are 2 of the larger bases with 3 figures each on one of the smaller bases with 2 figures. French have that organisation for heavy but light are 6 man squadrons and I normally do 3 of the 20mm by 20mm bases with 2 figures each (although sometime I have used two of the larger bases with 3 figures each - for Austrians with 6 squadrons of 6 I do half of each)

    [new bit] horse artillery I do 20mm x20mm bases and foot artillery 20mm by 25mm deep

    I basically scaled down bases used for In the Grande Manner rules but the basing has worked fine for all the other rules I have tried (rules these days don't care so much about bases sizes as long as everythign uses the same system)

  4. Please accept my commendation for the amazing skill you have with painting your Adler 6mm Napoleonics. Feel free to publish more images, anytime! You published a figure basing tutorial (thank you); however, I may have missed to which set of ruloes these were aligned. So, I must ask, which set of rules do you use? Regards, BCFord

  5. I originally used in the Grand Manner but more recently General de Brigade. Currently looking into another set, March Attack. They look good but yet to play. I will be doing a play through some time in the new year