Saturday, 28 March 2015

Napoleonic command bases (6) - Russians

I have just completed the basing on the first part of my Russian reinforcements courtesy of Perfect Six. Richard has been a big help getting my British finished and the Guard bulked out and the Russians going at all (from my current pathetic 5 battalions and a couple of part regiments of cavalry).

As always the Adler command packs are really nice figures and the few specific individuals are particularly nice - my favorite is Grand Duke Constantine but Kutuzov is a close second.

Tsar Alexander skulking in Borodino village:


Barclay de Tolly:


Grand Duke Constantine

Hetman Platov:

Other corp, division or brigade commanders to be used as needed (I do name all my command stands but chances are they masquerade as other commanders when it comes to battles):

Other Napoleonic command stands I have done posts on so far:

French with Murat and Ney

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