Saturday, 14 March 2015

Churchill ARV MK-II

I have been working on this for a while - if you read my blog regularly you probably sense a theme! I do sometimes get stuck on something or otherwise distracted.

This is a resin kit from Gramodels. It is 1/150 scale (so about 10mm). I made it quite a while back but the kit does not come with the rear crane and spade attachment and I wanted to add those and just took me a while to get round to it. It was actually very quick to do with some 1.5mm and some 0.5mm plasticard and a bit of brass rod and a round piece of plastic cut of some sort of antenna thing I had from a Warhammer 40k set.

A bit of a size comparison. A Metal Troops Churchill on the left and a Wargames South (Arrowhead) Churchill AVRE on the right. The Gramodels vehicle is a bit shorter, narrower and lower due to the difference between 1/144 and 1/150. But as it is a very particular vehicle and with a bit of a distance between things on a gaming table this difference is not really going to stand out.

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