Saturday, 14 March 2015

Waterloo buildings part 4 - La Haie (La Haye)

I am in the middle of doing several Waterloo farms but also have a stock of various generic type barns and things painted up, so when I saw this on TMP about La Haye, I thought I would do a 6mm one. Given I had all the buildings I needed it did not take too long and has overtaken La Haye Sainte farm which requires a lot more effort on the basing side of things, but that is almost done and I will do a post later today.

Not sure about historical accuracy (I think I read that it was thatched) but at least a useful representation for the wargames table short of an accurate model being available.

As an aside I have seen it spelled La Haye and La Haie (and also La Haye Sainte spelled as La Haie Sainte). No idea which is the most 'correct'.

The two larger buildings I bought off ebay and they are still on sale - don't think it is a recognised company as such but just someone making and selling on ebay. Search for 6mm buildings and you will find them. The three smaller buildings are 6mm J&R (one being a part piece as I had to cut down one for another project but was ideal to get the two sides of the farm the same length).

Also a Timecast haystack in the courtyard, a spare wheel from an Adler cannon and a barrel from Richard over at Perfect Six (he will be doing these commercially soon, I got some early samples, and worth being a member of his forum as you will get an alert, plus Leven tends to pre-announce new buildings from his ever expanding 6mm Napoleonic range of buildings on the forum).

So shots from various angles of the outside and inner courtyard:

A couple of photos with troops in - I don't have Nassau regiments yet so British I'm afraid.

The Waterloo buildings I have done so far are:

Quatre Bras
La Belle Alliance

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  1. That's very nice. You've done a great job with such a small-scale piece.