WW2 summary

While I have included both the ability to select according to topic labels and also by time of posting, as I build up more and more posts it is not that easy to see what is available. So I have created some summary pages to give an easy overview of the posts on main topics.

This summarises all the posts on 10mm (or 12mm or 1/144) WW2 topics. They are organised by nation and are grouped into roughly:

  • infantry related;
  • AFV related;
  • artillery related;
  • other;
  • experimental vehicles.


Flames of War warriors in 10mm
Objective markers
Bailed out markers
Applying decals
Pithead Italian decals - a review
Putting realistic foliage camouflage on 10mm vehicles - tutorial
Extra crew for WW2 rocket vehicles
Crew for Minifigs M7 Priest

Revell 1/144 US vehicles kit - a review
Sherman comparison - variants and manufacturers
Review of 10mm, 12mm and 1/144 WW2 manufacturers
Somua S-35: Arrowhead vs Pithead


Armored infantry
Combat engineers
Rifle company assault platoon (Italy 1944)

M26 Super Pershing
M26 Pershing platoon
Sherman Jumbo (Pendraken)
Sherman Jumbo (Pithead)
Sherman M4A3E8 "Easy Eight" and Thunderbolt VII

AT and AA halftracks
Sherman Calliope
Sherman Calliope (newer model)
M12 self propelled 155mm artillery (Pendraken)
US M5 high speed artillery tractor
155mm howitzers
105mm howitzers
75mm pack howitzers (airborne)
3" anti-tank guns
57mm anti-tank guns
4.2" chemical mortar platoon

6 wheeled trucks

T28 super heavy tank
M6A2E1 heavy tank


HMG platoon
British motor company

Sherman DWG (Deep Wading Gear)
Sherman DDs - swimming
British Funnies - Croc, Crab, AVRE and dozer
Churchill ARV MK-II
Churchill SBG (small box girder bridge)
Tetrarch airborne light tank (Gramodels)

Daimler MK1 and AEC MK2 armoured cars
Daimler Dingo, Humber LRC and scout car

5.5" medium artillery battery
Anti-tank units
Morris 40mm SP Bofors
Artillery Spotters truck
6pdr anti-tank platoon

LVT-4 Water Buffalo (Buffalo IV)
Captured Sd kfz 251 artillery HQ vehicle
Defrocked Priest APC

Tortoise A39
Boarhound armoured car (Shapeways)
TOG 2 heavy tank


Udarny Strelkovy battalion

T26, T28, T35 and BT7 (work in progress)
Lend-lease Matilda II
T34/76 late war with cupola
IS 85 and KV 85 tanks
SP guns part 1
SP guns part 2
JS-3 (or IS-3)
Russian T28: Minifigs vs Panzer Depot
KV 2

SU-12 75mm SPG
Russian 152mm / 122mm battery (Minifigs)

Stalinets artillery tractor
Transport vehicles

KV-220 "Russian Tiger"
T44/ 85 (full platoon)


HMG platoon

Tiger 1 company in winter cammo (Wittmann)
Panther platoon in winter cammo
Pimp your Tiger - Takara King Tigers
Pimp your Tiger - Takara versus Tiger 1
Stug III company
Sturm Tiger
Marder III and Marder III M
Marder II
PaK40 auf RSO
Recovery/ engineer (berg) tanks
Captured T34/76
Captured Shermans
653. Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung - Elefants
Tiger (P) VK 4501

120mm mortar platoon
105mm howitzers and AT guns
Wespe battery

Mercedes-Benz L4500R Maultier
Skoda 3000 staffcar
Light trucks

Prototype Tiger 1, Ausf H2
Dicker Max and Sturer Emil
Panzer VII Löwe (Lion)
JgPz E 75 "Jagd Panther II"
Panther Coelian Flakzwilling 44
Panther Super Coelian Flakzwilling
E75 standard tank (Tiger III)


Zynri assault gun

80mm AA gun

Breda 32 truck


L6/40 light tank and Semovente L40 47/32
Semovente 75mm
M41 Carro Comando

Lancia Autocannone 90mm

Heavy tank - Carro Armato P40


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