Saturday, 7 June 2014

Napoleonic Poles and Saxons

Here are my Adler 6mm Poles and Saxons. I have enough for a brigade of infantry for each and a decent amount of cavalry, but over time will probably expand the infantry to allow me to do more scenarios.

A picture of the overall force - 5 battalions of Polish infantry, a Polish gun battery, 2 Polish Lancer regiments and a Vistula Legion Lancer regiment; 5 battalions of Saxon infantry, 2 heavy cavalry and one light cavalry regiment:

Some close-ups of the Polish line infantry (to note this is the standard Polish infantry not the various Legions serving with the French - I quite fancy doing some infantry for the Vistula Legion though at some point).

Polish 8pdr artillery battery:

Polish Lancers ( a few have lost the plumes which is always something to watch out for with Adler as they are rather delicate - mostly happens though before they are painted if you are careful!):

Vistula Legion Lancers:

Saxon infantry:

Saxon light cavalry:

Saxon Lieb Kuirassiers:

Saxon Garde du Corps:

Finally a few photo angles to show the buildings. These are Total Battle Miniatures which I bought painted - they don't offer this service any more though. These are Napoleonic era Russian city buildings and the only place I have found these is from Total Battle Miniatures- whereas rural buildings are available from several manufacturers. I based them up and the 'statue' in the middle is actually a 10mm figure that I got in a goody bag at the Pendraken Birthday Bash a couple of years ago. I will do a post at some point comparing the various building manufacturers.


  1. Excellent job. What rules are you using?


    1. I started using In the Grand Manner years ago and that is when my basing system was devised. I have since played General de Brigade and that worked fine, but I am still keen on a rule set that has less fiddling about and more command and grand tactics. Currently have March Attack - they read well but still need to have a proper go - and will adapt to my basing system. I will post on my experience with March Attack when I have had a go.

  2. Very nice indeed!
    Total Battle Miniatures buildings I see, my favourites.
    Where did you get the statue or is it scratch built?
    I will be using March attack when I have enough figs painted, like you not tried them in combat yet :)

    1. It was a special figures from Pendraken ( for their 10th Birthday show. You might be able to get one off them, they are pretty helpful if you email them (contact details on their site)

  3. Beautiful work Steve!

    After enjoying seeing the WW2 stuff, the painting on your Nappy's is superb here too.

  4. Steve, These are wonderful - miniatures and the buildings.

    The Polish infantry are my favourites - but the Saxon GdC are pretty amazing.

    I have so many questions - but if I could start with three please:
    1 - how are you mounting the flags - appears not be to be the original Adler poles
    2 - what are you using for the cobble road / square base?
    3 - what brand paint as it appears to have great covering power yet can do fine lines

    1. 1 - flags are put on pins. For infantry I glue to the base and up against the hands of the standard bearer (I cut off the Adler original) using a white glue. I then paint more glue from the hands along side the pit and do that a couple of times. holds pretty well. For cavalry I cut off the original Adler pole at the top of the hand and then using white glue again I glue to bottom of the pin to the top of the hand and the flag to the side of the helmet.

      2 - The cobbles I got from here as styrofoam sheets (about 1mm think), cut them up as needed then 'paint'. There are actually coloured grey so I use a wash (GW or for this one I used Cote d'arms dark brown wash), then dry brush grey and light brown, in patches to give the impression of variation in the cobbles

      3 - Most of my 6mm are painted with Humbrol enamel, but it is difficult to get the authentic colours now so I have started to use Vallejo acrylic, which is fine for most things but less so for lots of white.

  5. Thanks Steven - will give those a go.