Saturday, 21 June 2014

US WW2 AA and AT halftracks

Some US halftracks with anti-tank or anti-aircraft guns. Also a comparison of different manufacturers at the end.

First the M3 75mm GMC, the vehicles are Minifigs:

and some close ups:

M15 and M16 AA halftracks:

Close up of the M15 halftrack with 37mm AA gun and 2 x 50 cal HMG. Manufacturer is Pendraken:

and the M16 Quad 50 cal AA, manufacturer Pithead:

Now some comparisons with other manufacturers added in - left to right, Takara, New Millennium Toys, Pithead, Minifigs and Pendraken:

The Takara model is the largest but very similar in size to the New Millennium Toys version (note I have repainted that and added a metal HMG from Pendraken).  Pithead and Minifigs are very much of a size, with Pendraken slightly smaller. However, as they are all quite different versions of the US halftrack I find they work fine as they only need to be a small distance apart of any size difference not to be noticeable.

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