Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My first foray into crowd funding - Historia board game

Just thought I would share this on my blog.

I have been into board war games since I was about 11 (back in SPI days), but more recently I tend to play Euro type strategy games. I also really like civilization games. I have seen things occasionally advertised on sites like Boardgamegeek for Kick Starter but never bought anything via that route - mostly because they are often based in the USA and the postage is high, there would be big import related charges and often the interesting extras seem to come with a big price tag.

I came across Historia in an advert on TMP (the miniatures page). Looking at the video review it looked a really interesting game mechanic and you can play from 1 to 4 people - and so many games need at least 3, which is fine but I need some games that offer other possibilities. It can be funded via Kick Starter (USA), Spiele Schmiede (Germany) and Giochi Starter (Italy) so I was able to buy with postage within Europe and also no extra tax charges etc. So overall seemed a good deal. So I have now joined my first ever crowd funding project. Take a look if you also like Civ type games.

Giochi Starter website

They also provide these 'avatar' pictures to use when sharing information about the game and given one was Napoleon it seemed an ideal fit for my blog!

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