Sunday, 15 June 2014

British WW2 transport - 3 types, 3 manufacturers

A quick post on some British transport vehicles. Of the 3 vehicle types each one is a different manufacturer:

  • Earlier version of the LVT   -  Gramodels resin kit;
  • Ram Kangaroo                   -  Arrowhead Miniatures metal kit;
  • CMP 3 ton truck                -  Pithead Miniatures metal (resin canopy).

As always, more details and links for manufacturers on my manufacturers tab at the top of the page.

LVT (Landing Vehicle Tracked).

This an the earlier version than the LVT 4 "Buffalo" which is the one seen most often (i.e. the one with the back that lowers as a ramp). Used in the earlier part of the war in Europe and I suspect still around in 1944. This is a resin kit from Gramodels and I added a metal roof top MG from Pendraken. I like them but would also like to get the LVT 4 from Arrowhead but it has been out of stock every time I have ordered, although I see the remake is now available again. (I suspect it will look much bigger and if I get some I will post a size comparison).

Ram Kangaroo armoured personnel carrier

This is the APC version of the Canadian Ram Kangaroo (i.e. no turret) and is an Arrowhead model. I have seen pictures with the inside white and also green - I decided to go for the easier option and paint the inside green!

CMP (Canadian Military Pattern) 3 ton truck

Used by both the Canadians and the British army. This is a Pithead model, the main body is metal and the canopy is resin. Pithead do a huge range of different trucks across all the major nations. I also find they are a slightly larger 10mm then Pendraken which means they fit in well with all my 12mm and 1/144. Great value too and while I want my trucks to look good I also don't want to be shelling out lots of money on truck models.

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  1. Wow, those kangaroos are nice. Great detail and super paint job. Well done sir.