Sunday, 22 June 2014

WW2 experimental vehicles part 2 - Tortoise A39

The Tortoise (A39) was a British heavy assault tank design developed in World War II but never put into mass production. It did actually get made and was tested in Germany just after the war. It was very heavy (78 tons) and very slow (top speed 13 mph on the road) and difficult to transport. But had a very powerful gun - the  QF 3.7 inch AA gun (or 32 pdr / 94mm).

This model is a GDG 3D printed version and is using their new material and process and so it is not the fairly horrible rough effect of their previous models (see my Calliopes). The new process can create a sort of ridging effect where you get patterns showing up across flat surfaces.

[this is a picture from a CDG ebay auction - you can see the ridging effect most clearly at the front top above the gun mount]
This ridging effect can easily be removed by sanding or filing - and it takes very little effort as the models are easy to file or sand. However, the only issue is getting in between any detail so depending on the particular model you can remove at least some if not all of this effect.

The material is fairly brittle but as they are mostly cast as a single piece (other than the gun), or very few pieces, then this is not a real issue. I have based mine to help protect against dropping where it might be liable to break (not sure this is absolutely necessary as they feel robust to hold but I base a lot of my vehicle anyway).  The gun is a bendy version of the material so it is pretty robust.

So here are some pictures of mine - just got it today and couldn't wait!  I have managed to smooth down most of the ridging effect. There is a little bit of a pattern left on the front slope around the number 77 decal but this could have been smoothed away - it is just difficult to see if you have got it all out until it is painted. I have another one on the way and will do better next time!

A couple of size comparisons to give you an idea how big this thing is. First against an Arrowhead Cromwell tank:

And finally next to a Dragon CanDo Maus tank:

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