Saturday, 31 May 2014

British WW2 Sherman company

This is a fairly uniform unit being made up of just Sherman M4s and Fireflies, and all Takara. But the British also tend to have a lot of tank markings so they work well to illustrative the benefits of adding decals. I have repainted over all the original colour schemes, weathered the vehicles and added decals.

A photo of the overall force: A company with HQ and 3 platoons supported by some independent tank brigade platoons to the rear left.

The most interesting vehicle is the Sherman ARV which I converted from a Takara M4 hull and bits of plasticard etc. I couldn't find this particular version of the Sherman recovery vehicle from any manufacturer and really wanted one. I am happy with how it turned out

Some photo of the various Shermans to show the benefits of adding decals. The British come up particularly well because of the different markings. The number in the red square is the regimental number. The yellow box with the bull is the 11th Armoured Division, while the independent tank brigade platoons have markings for the 8th, 9th, 22nd and 23rd Armoured Brigades. The little yellow circle with the number 30 is a bridge plate - it shows the weight and so helps to ensure that tanks don't go over bridges that can't hold them. The turret sides have the squadron marking and finally on the rear is an Allied star for recognition from the air.

Finally, some close-ups of the village. These are TimeCast 6mm buildings from their Napoleonic range. Painted by TimeCast and based by me. I used a 6mm Adler Prussian Landwehr  figures to make the statue in the village square.

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  1. Great job! In case of mine I remolling Takara Firefly to M4A2 75mm sherman. (It's little bit challenging and not suit for making army...:-0 )
    Anyway, may I ask about decals?
    How did you get it? It looks full items for British Sherman army!

    P.S : I'm sorry about my short English but I really want to say your work is neat and want to know about good decals :)