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Flames of War warriors in 10mm

I use Flames of War rules but I use 10mm / 12mm rather than 15mm. Partly because I started in this scale before I settled on the rules I wanted to use but also because I find that 10mm gives a better effect on a 6 foot by 4 foot table than crowding it with 15mm (I use the same numbers of units and table size for the various scenarios in the FoW books).

However, I like all the warrior units that you can use in FoW so I have made up some of my own for 10mm. This post gives a selection of what I have so far.

For details on decals see my earlier post.


Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams -  M4A3 (76mm) "Thunderbolt VI" made from a Takara M4A3 hull and the 76mm turret from the Takara M4A1. Various bits of clutter which are from the bits and pieces you get with Takara models and some Arrowhead stowage. The MG is from Pendraken and the crew figure is Arrowhead. I am planning to do "Thunderbolt VI" which is an up-armored M4A3E8 Sherman which I will convert from the Arrowhead model.

Staff Sergeant Lafeyette Pool in an M4A1 (76mm) Sherman. This is the Takara model with track pieces from Takara. The Cullen prong hedge cutter and MG are Pendraken and the crew figure is Arrowhead.

For the British

Lieutenant Colonel J.O.E Vandeleur and RAF forward air controller. Vandeleur is an Arrowhead British tank crew figure and it mounted in a Pithead Humber scout car - I drilled out a hole for the figure and used a Panzer Korps brass hatch. The forward air controller is mounted in a Pithead White M3A1 scout car, driver is Pithead, RAF guy is actually a Pendraken Russian AA gun crew man and the radio guy in the back is from the Arrowhead British tank crew set.

For the Germans

Michael Wittmann in S04. This is a Takara tank but not from their normal range - it comes from a game they did that had 4 grey and 4 yellow unpainted tanks. I liked the Tiger 1 from that set so painted it up for Wittmann rather than use the Takara case special. The crew figure is an Arrowhead German tank crew figure.

Otto Carius in 217. This is just the Takara case special and I have given it a wash and painted the crew figure (the plastic one that came with it or another tank, I forget exactly). I find Takara models do not have the detail painted so I will be painting the bits of equipment on the vehicle at some point.

For the Russians

Marshal Bronetankovyh Voisk Pavel Rotmistrov, Commander of the 5th Guards Tank Army in Operation Bagration. I found him in a scenario on the FoW website.   I used a Pithead Russian jeep, with the crew that came with it and Rotmistrov is an Arrowhead Russian command team figure (actually one of their earlier ones rather than what they sell now).

I will do more as I go along and particularly as I get to scenarios I want to do that use warriors. I will do a further post when I have several more to share.

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  1. Very nicely done sir. I really like the way you've done the jeeps.