Sunday, 29 June 2014

Waterloo buildings part 1 - Quatre Bras farm

I am in the process of making up a number of the key buildings for the Waterloo campaign. The first one I have finished is the Quatre Bras farm.

I have approximated the farm as best I can. I have used contemporary paintings and photos of the buildings today plus a satellite view from Google maps as pictures are almost always from the front gate and hence difficult to get an idea of the overall layout. I then had to use existing commercially available buildings to try and get the best fit to what I thought it should look like. I used the following:

  • most of the barns are 6mm J&R buildings;
  • the long barn is from a German company's version of La Haye Sainte which I had to cut to get the right shape;
  • the walls and gate are from GHQ;
  • the trees are Timecast;
  • (also an Adler cannon wheel up against the wall in the far corner barn).
Very difficult to tell how accurate it really is but it is a good approximation I think and I am happy with how it has turned out.

Some British gathering to defend the farm:

And some more pictures showing close-ups from different angles:

I am part way through painting the buildings for Gemmincourt farm and also Hougoumont. I have yet to finalize the exact buildings I will use for Hougoumont but I have posted a work in progress on the Perfect Six forum.

I should be doing other posts over the next few weeks and will include La Haye Sainte and Papelotte.

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