Sunday, 15 June 2014

WW2 experimental vehicles - part 1 (Dicker Max and Sturer Emil)

Like many wargamers I find it difficult to resist the lure of Elite units and Super Tanks! I have tried to resist to some extent with WW2 but I have accumulated a few and I will be doing a series of short posts as time goes by. Here is the first.

Both the Dicker Max and the Sturer Emil saw actual service - and apparently performed really well. There were two of each made but when they came together in Russia there was only one Dicker Max left so I have made my unit with one Dicker Max and two Sturer Emil. They were part of the 521. Panzerjagerabteilung which joined 3rd Panzer Division for the advance into the Caucasus.

The models are 1/144 Panzer Depot. As I say on my manufacturers page, these are fairly expensive for wargaming but in this case the only option. The quality of the paint job is much better for their early models but I think the paint job on the new models looks very poor. These are relatively early models so the paint job is OK but I have weathered the vehicles and added 'mud' around the wheels. I have also added decals - the divisional marking is not the right one but the range of available decals is a bit limited so I have used one that looks about right if you are more than a foot or so away (just an upfront admission to the eagle eyed out there)! The Panzer Depot models are not put together that well in some cases and so look wonky - for the Sturer Emil I had to remove the gun and superstructure and glue it back on to make it level. For the first one it broke as the resin is quite brittle - I glued back together and used some green stuff so you can't notice the break but just a warning that if you are as picky as I am you many want to 'improve' the models and care is needed as they are quite delicate.

Photo with some ruined factory buildings in the background:

Sturer Emil (12.8cm L/61 auf PzSfl V): 

When the VK3001(H) heavy tank project was dropped the Germans used two of the chassis to develop a heavy tank hunter armed with a 12.8 cm gun (based on the 12.8 cm FlaK 40). They were named Max and Moritz.

Dicker Max (10.5cm K18 auf PzSfl IVa):

It is based on a Panzer IV tank chassis and armed with a 10.5 cm K18 artillery piece fitted with a muzzle


  1. Steve, these castings look pretty sharp. I've bought some of their unpainted kits (some M3 Stuarts), but haven't gotten around to assembling these, or getting that base primer coat on them that lets you see what the detail actually looks like. Like you said, for "one-offs" or for when needing just a few, the Panzer Depot pre-painted/assembled prices are tolerable.

    Btw, your weathering and highlighting on the SPs above look good!

  2. If you can buy things at Taobao
    there are some cheap items
    My Dicker Max set cost only 10 RMB
    And they are the same with Panzer depot and from Atelier infinite(Japan)

    1. I have tried to get some friends to buy me things but so far they can't manage it