Sunday, 3 April 2016

Wehrmacht '46 : Panzer VII Löwe (Lion) tank

I have done a few posts on experimental or prototype vehicles:

T28 super heavy tank (USA)
Tortoise A39
Boarhound armoured car (Shapeways)
TOG 2 heavy tank
Prototype Tiger 1, Ausf H2
Dicker Max and Sturer Emil

when bidding on some other prototype vehicles I was keen on from CDG (3D printed resin) I also got a few Wehrmacht '46 German theoretical vehicles as they we going for a reasonable price and I just fancied doing some for fun. The first I have completed is the Panzer VII Löwe (Lion) tank.

CDG as I have mentioned before take a bit of work putting together as there is so much sprue attached and the resin is a bit glass like and liable to take bits of the model away when removing the sprue. So there is a certain amount of repair with milliput or the like needed. There are also print lines on the model that have to be sanded down. I see they have yet again changed their resin and I think it looks like the lines on the model created by the 3D laser printing process are not there any more but still looks like a lot of sprue pieces attached.

For one off models all the above is not too much of a problem but I am not looking forward to doing the 5 M6 heavy tanks I have to make!

In the end the model comes up really well and looks a really nice vehicle - but I shall resist branching out into Wehrmacht '46 as I have quite enough on my plate!

Some comparisons, first with a King Tiger. The Panzer VII Löwe is only a little bit bigger but has a bigger 105mm gun. For me looks more 'modern'.

And still dwarfed by the Maus tank.

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