Monday, 11 April 2016

Tortoise parade

I did an earlier post on the Tortoise A39. I have since bought some more of the late war experimental vehicles and I think I must have lost track of my bidding as I ended up with quite a few! Just completed the Tortoises. I have not based these, not decided yet whether I will. For general comparisons you can check out the original post.

In case of interest here is a list of my posts on experimental/ prototype vehicles:
T28 super heavy tank (USA)
Boarhound armoured car (Shapeways)
TOG 2 heavy tank
Prototype Tiger 1, Ausf H2
Dicker Max and Sturer Emil
Panzer VII Löwe (Lion)

So four more of these rumbling down the road (they will probably have wrecked it!):

For an easy way to see all my WW2 posts check out the WW2 Summary page.

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