Sunday, 17 April 2016

M51 Isherman (Israeli Sherman)

Last trip to Taiwan I got hold of a number of 1/144 resin kits and one of these was the  M51 Isherman (Israeli Sherman). I got it for the fun of doing it as I will not be wargaming this period.

It was a bit of a pig to make while other resin kits I got went together very well. Despite the work needed to make I am please how it turned out - the detail is better than I thought as the translucent resin made it difficult to see before painting. The gun was bent so I replace with a piece of brass rod. Markings hand painted on as I had no decals.

I have put in on a home made terrain tile as the usual green is not appropriate - actually something I made for LOTR and Gondor fighting the Haradrim.

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