Saturday, 30 April 2016

E75 standard tank (Tiger III)

Another CDG 3D printed model I bought for the fun of it rather than for wargaming. The CDG model is a E75 standard tank with 105mm KwK. L/68 gun. Like many of the larger experimental large German tanks the sprue is at the front of the model and so much easier to remove which is useful as the resin is a bit glass like and can be brittle when removing sprue.

A comparison with the Takara King Tiger. The chassis is very similar - from what I can make out it would have been based on the same basic design but a different approach to manufacturing that would have simplified the build. The gun is the main difference. The CDG model is made with a 105mm gun although it also seems from some articles that the tank may have also used the same 88mm gun as the King Tiger.

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