Monday, 11 April 2016

Wehrmacht '46 : JgPz E 75 "Jagd Panther II"

Alongside the British A39 Tortoises I was also doing a couple of Jagd Panther IIs, which are based on the E75 chassis. Again, like the Panzer VII Löwe (Lion) I got these for the fun of doing them as I have no intention of gaming Wehrmacht '46. All previous comments regarding CDG 3D resin models apply but these were a bit easier to tidy up as the sprues came out the front rather than the rear and that made them easy to remove.

To note the designation Jagd Panther II is the CDG name for the model but I see on various sites that the Jagd Panther II is something based on the Panther II hull and with a superstructure to the rear. I guess they are all speculative tanks anyway, but to be clear this is a Jagd E75 with a configuration like a Jagd Panther only bigger - as you can see later.

Having posted this just after the Tortoises I have set things up as if the Tortoise parade hit some trouble and the Jagd Panzer E75s are moving forward to mop up with a destroyed Tortoise on the road.

All in all it is a nice model and the gun is massive! I think it is supposed to be a 128mm (CDG specify this) but as mentioned above checking out the details on such a speculative tank are difficult. CDG models come up much better than the painted versions on their website and the details stands out well so not quite sure how they paint but it does not show their models off as well as they could.

A comparison with a CanDo Jagd Panther - to summarise it is rather dwarfed!

And finally a comparisons with a Jagd Tiger (CanDo version). Very similar in overall size but that gun on the Jagd Panther II looks monstrous - I can't find the details but assume it is supposed to be a longer barrel and perhaps the resin printing means it has to be a bit thicker than it should?

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