Sunday, 17 April 2016

Tiger (P) VK 4501

I did a post a while back on 653. Schwere Panzerj√§gerabteilung with my Elefant platoons and the special HQ troops used by this unit. The HQ command tank was a Tiger (P) VK 4501 (i.e. the Porsche Tiger 1) and I was using a Takara model. I have been looking for the case special from the CanDo series 8 which actually has the right markings for this unit plus then the same manufacturer as my Elefants. I finally got one last week when someone was selling off their collection.

Although it is a case special this is something I want to keep so I tidied up the painting on the equipment on the vehicles sides, gave it a wash of Agrax Earthshade and some mud effect on the wheels.

And here it is...

next to one of the CanDo Elefants:

And lastly a comparison with the Takara model - the Takara version is about the same on length and width but is much lower (far better detail on the CanDo model too):

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