Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Russian T28: Minifigs vs Panzer Depot

I bought a Minifigs Russian T28 a while back and have been undecided where to retain and get more for a unit or go with another make. I have not come across a resin model kit but had my eye on the Panzer Depot pre-painted model. The Panzer Depot model is much more expensive but the Minifigs model is not cheap compared to other metal 10 or 12mm models. I finally got hold of a Panzer Depot model in a job lot of tanks and so have finally made my choice.

Below are some comparison photos. It is worth noting that the Minifigs model is an early version whereas the Panzer Depot version is a late model T28 (the difference is the turret).

Overall the Minifigs model is very slightly smaller but not by much so fits in well with 1/144 scale. The Panzer Depot model has more surface detail as you would expect from resin but the Minifigs model is not bad on overall surface detail either. The Minifigs model is a big lump of metal so is pretty heavy whereas the Panzer Deport model is very light - means just need to be careful not to drop the Minifigs model which is mainly about remembering it is going to be heavy when picking up (would cause quite some damage if dropped on anything else!).

I was decided on Minifigs after being able to compare and I think I need the early version for Barbarossa scenarios anyway. Will cost me £18 plus postage for the 4 extra ones I want rather than more like £60 for the Panzer Depot version - not something I am happy to do when there is a decent alternative.

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  1. There's nothing wrong with the Minifigs tank at all and at that price I certainly wouldn't go with the other.