Monday, 21 March 2016

US rifle company assault platoon (Italy 1944)

This is the assault platoon from a US rifle company as set out in the Flames of War book Dogs & Devils: Breakout at Anzio, Italy, May 1944.

The figures are generally Arrowhead, with some being the earlier figures when they were still Wargames South. But to make it stand out as an assault company I have added Pendraken figures with flame thrower and Bangalore torpedoes to each stand. The Pendraken figures are a mix of the standard US range, paratroopers and marine figures to give more variety but all painted as normal US rifle unit.

Some closer shots of the stands to show the different Pendraken figures added.

One stand has been replaced by a flame thrower stand.

Command stand and bazooka (bazooka figures also Pendraken).

Buildings are 6mm Timecast Italian/Spanish range.

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