Sunday, 20 March 2016

German light trucks

Three different types of German light trucks:

  • Captured French Renault ADK 1.5 ton truck - Pithead model
  • Krupp Protze truck Kfz 70 -  Pithead model
  • Steyr 1500 Light Truck - Arrowhead model

 Renault ADK 1.5 ton truck

Krupp Protze truck Kfz 70

Steyr 1500 Light Truck. A few shots to show the detail of the Arrowhead (previous Wargames South) model. They are very good but to be honest once I found Pithead I have not bought any more from Arrowhead. I am happy to buy their tanks but even a few pounds extra for a truck seems a bit much for an item that hardly sees any use. Plus Pithead have more types of truck than you can shake a stick at!

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