Sunday, 27 March 2016

Crew for Minifigs M7 Priest

Some years ago now, when I started turning my Takara models into wargames units and then looking to buy other models to fit in with them I bought some Minifigs vehicles and M7 Priests were among the first models I got. However, I later came across Wargames South and Pendraken and Pithead and decided I was not that keen on Minifigs and have since replaced virtually everything. I did do some crew figures for the Priests to allow them to be removable.

The figures are Minifigs artillery crew cut off their bases and glued on plasticard. The plasticard is cut so that the crew unit will fit in the Minifigs M7 Priest around the 105mm breach and so can be put in or taken out of the vehicle as needed.

They don't fit in the Arrowhead M7 Priests I am now doing and would need to have a new base made so I will probably just make some new ones using Pendraken artillery crew to go on the properly sized base to fit the Arrowhead model.

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