Sunday, 20 March 2016

British motor company

Here is my British Motor Company of two platoons. I have just finished the last few stands and some basing.

It consists of:

  • company HQ with command and 2iC plus two 3 inch mortars and White Scout cars;
  • 1st platoon with 3 sections and a piat and light mortar stand and the platoon command;
  • 2nd platoon with 3 sections and a piat and light mortar stand and the platoon command.

The figures are Arrowhead/ Wargames South

The light mortar figures for this platoon are Pendraken.

Company command stand. White Scout car is Pithead

Company 2iC. The mortars and figures are Pendraken as is the middle figure on the 2iC stand.

The half-tracks are New Millennium Toys with a repaint and some conversion. Here is what they originally looked like.

The model is not bad but no driver seats.

 The first thing that is needed it to remove the HMG ring on the front. The vehicle is then repainted in proper British colours and decals added (the big star on the bonnet I just painted round).

I then added some spare crew (driver) figures and one one a figure standing up with a Bren gun.

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