Sunday, 27 March 2016

Bailed out markers

Pendraken do some dismounted tank crew figures, unfortunately not for all nations yet, but they do provide good options for a more pleasing bailed pout marker than counters. The ones I have done first are the US crew - they are actually from the US marines range but work fine for Europe.

There are two poses for the Americans, a guy with a sub machine gun and one who looks like he might be on a tank phone (too early for it to be a mobile, and a walkie talkie is big enough to see on the model); he could just be holding his head and saying "Doh!!" I guess!

I have based them on 20mm laser cut ply bases and added some tufts.

SMG guy

Other guy

And now in action as a marker:

I have the German crew under-coated ready to paint but will have to wait while I finish off some basing.

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