Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Extra crew for WW2 rocket vehicles

My Russian Katyusha unit is still very much a work in progress with only one vehicle done, and the same goes for my German Maultier wurfer unit. However, this post is about how I have decided to do the extra crew option that is available in Flames of War.

Katyusha is a Pendraken model and the crew figures are also Pendraken.

The crew are based on an L shaped ply wood base. Both the vehicle base and the L shape have been laser cut from the same sheet. I used fenris games as I have for all my bases.

The Maultier wurfer is a Pithead model and the crew are Arrowhead German artillery crew that used to be available separately.

For the German vehicle the L has been used in the upside down position compared to the Russians so the crew are on the other side of the vehicle.

This means I can use the vehicles with or with out extra crew or just to indicate deployed or travelling and looks better I think than just having a base the same width as the vehicle base to add on the end. While I have used this for 10mm it is an approach that could be used with larger or smaller scale vehicles.

Here are some pictures of the laser cut ply wood as it arrived.

For an easy way to see all my WW2 posts check out the WW2 Summary page.


  1. Great idea with the base and as with all your stuff they look great.

  2. Genius. Keep up the good work.

  3. Consider this idea nicked. Where did you get the laser Base from

    Take care


  4. bases were from They will cut and size and shape you want. Plus will do different thickness. I use 1.5mm thick but they do 1mm and 2mm certainly (as I have had some of those thicknesses)

  5. Steven M thanks much appreciated

  6. Steven M thanks much appreciated

  7. A very clever idea , it looks excellent and very practical, thank you.