Sunday, 20 March 2016

Russians are coming! (Napoleonic wars)

Having been stuck with essentially an infantry brigade or division (depending on the rules) and one regiment of cavalry for ages as I have concentrated on Prussians and Austrians I decided to get some Russians done by Perfect Six and after 4 months break I am starting on a huge basing process. So this is somewhat a work in progress for my Russians.

So here is my rather pathetic Russian force prior to getting some done:

 The last thing I added was a grenadier battalion and I painted that quite a while ago now

The first reinforcements arrive:

Guard Kuirassier regiment:

Guard Hussars - I decided to have these in the early uniform as it looks more colourful:

Little Russia Kuirassiers:

Pskov Dragoons:

One squadron of Moscow Dragoons entering the battlefield ahead of the rest of the regiment:

I am working on a number of Austrian battalions but I think I will do a post on my Austrian army later this week rather than wait as it could be a while and my Austrians are my largest army so far.

Borodino church is in the background and I have done an earlier post on that. The small village with large wooden church are Timecast models and where about the first Russian buildings I painted.

Also for an easy way to see all my Napoleonic posts check out the Napoleonic summary page.


  1. lovely job... brings back memories alright

  2. yes, and it is the lack of your huge Russian army I have been trying to make up all these years! ;)

  3. Wonderful Steve.

    I had just decided to focus on clearing a few hundred WWII 1/285th minis to complete the armies when I see this and get tempted back to my Adler Napoleonics

  4. Nice Russian army and nice terrain as well!