Sunday, 20 March 2016

French line cavalry

Here is my French line cavalry. I have put a few commanders out but not focussed on them as they were in an earlier post. I have just finished painting a few figures to complete some squadrons as well as the basing with tufts and undergrowth added.

I have two regiments of Hussars, two of Chasseurs, three of Dragoons, one Carabinier and two Cuirassier. Also two line horse batteries.

The Chasseurs a chaval:




Cuirassiers. One is with the new Adler figures and one is with the original Cuirassier figure:

Horse batteries. The second one I had Richard at Perfect Six paint for me as I was busy with other stuff and his painting style and quality is an ideal match for my stuff (and he paints massively quicker than me!).

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