Sunday, 27 March 2016

British 6pdr anti-tank platoon

I have just completed the guns for this - I originally did the unit with Minifigs crews but I have now switched all my artillery and anti tank units over to using Pendraken crews (other than a few that I have Arrowhead crews for). Basically, while the Minifigs figures were nice enough they just did not look sensible against Wargames South/ Arrowhead or Pendraken figures (too small and skinny).

The unit consists of six 6 pdr anti tank guns which are Takara models that I have repainted. The crews are Pendraken which I buy as individual figures (they are really good that way). The Lloyd carriers are Pithead models as is the Universal Carrier for the command stand. The figures for the command stand are Arrowhead (perhaps some are older Wargames South ones).

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