Saturday, 11 October 2014

1/144 resin Super Pershing kit

I have used various makes of resin vehicles and Atelier Infinite is a very good make although a bit pricey for wargaming. My first two kits were the KV 5:

KV 5 article

And as I liked them I have since got two more when I was on holiday in the Far East (saves on postage!) and I also got hold of a Super Pershing. I have been planning my 1945 Americans and will probably get Miniature Figurines for the normal Pershing platoon but fancied splashing out rather than converting for the one Super Pershing I can field. A very nice kit and I enjoyed making it more then even the KV 5, although it did need some extras adding. The gun that came with it was very short and seemed to be a standard Pershing 90mm rather than the extra long one on the Super Pershing. I therefore used a brass rod and guessed the right length by looking at pictures of completed models on the web. This also has the advantage the the gun is stronger than a resin one although cutting off the muzzle brake and gluing on the brass rod was a bit fiddly - but fortunately I got both surfaces nicely flat and square so it glued on with a good bond. The second thing I had to do was add a roof top MG. For this I used the Pendraken roof top MG that you can buy separately and a short piece of hollow metal tubing to sit it on.

In the pictures below I have included four Takara Jagd Tigers. I recently got these after seeing this scenario on the Flames of War site:

Hell's Crossroads scenario

While I have the full set of Can.Do Jagd Tigers (and I thought 6 would be more than enough!) the scenario needs 7 Jagd Tigers. When I looked into the Takara ones I found that they did a camouflage pattern like the four winter pattern ones in the scenario and I really liked that so I invested in four of these to be able to play the scenario when the Americans are ready. I normally put a wash on Takara models but didn't bother with these, I just put the mud on the wheels and tracks and put some black wash around the engine grills and an extra German cross for the command vehicle.

The Pershing was smaller than I had expected given how big late war German vehicles are. Some comparisons with a Tiger 1 added at the end.

Pershing and Tiger 1 comparisons:

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