Thursday, 30 October 2014

Lend-lease Matilda II

I am starting to build up my Russians for Barbarossa (most of my stuff so far is late war). The Matilda II was used during 1942 and some took part in the battle for Moscow. The main reason though for having these is that I have always loved this tank since I made the Airfix model when I was a kid. I have no intention to do the desert war or France 1940 so lend-lease in Russia is the only excuse I can have for getting this tank. The vehicles are Arrowhead models and it is a multi-part kit that I think really looks the part.

At some point I also fancy getting a handful of lend-lease Valentine tanks. Probably Pithead models and I will do them in the British brown rather than paint in Russian green (Russians often used them as delivered).

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