Monday, 22 September 2014

WW2 experimental vehicles part 5 - Tiger 1 Ausf. H2 (prototype)

I recently bought a job lot of plastic Takara and Can Do 1/144 tanks - helped me finish off my Panzer IV, Elephant and Jagdpather units. I also got a couple of loose turrets in the lot that looked a bit like Panther turrets but not quite. I thought I had seen early Tiger prototypes with a turret like this and after checking confirmed it was the Tiger 1 Ausf. H2 prototype and that it had originally come from a Popy model. I put it together with a Can Do Tiger 1 hull and painted up with a basic dunkelgelb with no markings as it would only be a test vehicle not a combat vehicle.

It came up quite well and was fun to make with a minor conversion to get the turret to sit on the Can Do hull but I am only interested in experimental vehicles that might have made it to combat or had limited combat experience, rather than early versions of tanks that eventual made it into combat in a different version. So while it looks quite cool I will be listing on ebay shortly after I post this.

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