Sunday, 19 October 2014

6mm Adler French Guard cavalry

I have just finished basing some Adler French Guard cavalry. I have been, off an on, painting my Prussians and Austrians since the mid 1980s, but originally a school friend was doing the French and Russians. He has long since moved on from 6mm and I have been trying to add my own French etc. It has not been a a particularly speedy process! I have on occasion bought painted figures to supplement things and most recently come across Richard over at Perfect Six (see favorite links).

I had managed to do one Guard horse battery and two Horse Grenadiers so my French Guard cavalry were not exactly up to strength. So a big thank you to Richard for being not only an excellent painter but much quicker at it than me. So far I have:

  • one regiment of 40 Horse Grenadiers;
  • one regiment of 40 Chasseurs a Cheval;
  •  half a regiment of 20 Polish lancers;
  • two horse batteries.

Some close ups of the Horse Grenadiers:

The two I had painted before I came across Richard are very similar in style, and so match in well, but I had also tried to do the trim around the saddle cloth with a line of dark blue between the main trim colour. So he is handily identifiable and I have made him the colonel of the regiment.

The Polish lancers:

The Chasseurs a Cheval:

And finally the horse batteries:


  1. Great looking unit large units too . You have found a talented painter there , and nicely matched with your own. you will remember that's how I built my French and Russians with a mix of my own and commissioned stuff. Fond memories of that collection - wonder where it is now.

  2. It has been my pleasure steve, your basing has really brought these fellows to life great job


  3. Excellent work on these