Sunday, 12 October 2014

Adler 6mm Prussian army - cavalry

The Prussian cavalry have just arrived on the scene...

I only have 4 regiments and a horse battery at the moment. I started playing In the Grand Manner and the scenarios all seemed to have small numbers of Prussian cavalry but the rules I am now looking to use have much more cavalry - I guess in In the Grand Manner cavalry was massively powerful whereas it is not so much in other rules. Next thing to do is Landwehr cavalry along with the Landwehr infantry I need to add.

These are all early Adler poses and I particularly like the Prussian uhlan figures.

The 4 regiments are:

  • Hussar regiment,
  • Silesian Landwehr cavalry regiment,
  • Dragoon regiment,
  • Uhlan regiment.
  • 4 gun horse battery.

Some close ups of the Hussars

Horse battery trundling up along the road - I have always used rules that use this to indicate limbered and because my gun batteries are larger than many rules (that use one stand) they take up quite a bit of space already so I have never used limbers (and I have enough to paint anyway!).

The Silesian Landwehr cavalry are actually early Adler Russian uhlan figures with the plumes removed.


And the uhlans

And finally, here are the infantry back in the display cabinets. Now I have a room for my gaming and can put everything in display cabinets I find it a big help to keep going on the painting as everything is always there to look at and enjoy.


  1. I love them, you have done an amazing job on them


  2. Nice to see them out on display.

  3. What rules are they mounted for?

  4. Also, what are the different base sizes you are using for Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery and Commanders (square bases and round)?