Sunday, 19 October 2014

Late T34/ 76 with added cupola

I have quite a lot of T34s - will post the other units when I get a chance. This is a late war T34/76 battalion (two companies of 10 and a command tank). It uses the Takara T34/76 with the green/ brown cammo and hexagonal turret. I added a cupola to each tank for a late war unit and I gave the vehicles a brown wash, matt varnish and mud on the wheels. I also added turret numbers - see my other post on decals.

The cupola I made with green stuff and a mold using Plastic Clay (search on ebay, or the link takes you to where I got it).

And here is the command tank (skulking behind the village) and a T34 recovery tank in the village. I converted the recovery tank from a normal Takara T34/76, the command figure is by Pithead.


  1. Nice! Have you ever done any T-34s with the 57mm gun?

  2. Replies
    1. I had not come across it, but looking on this site it seems to suggest it was used in limited numbers (T34/57 just a little way down the page)

    2. Sorry
      my bad
      there are about 100 T/34/57