Thursday, 30 October 2014

T26, T28, T35 and BT7 (work in progress)

Again as part of my preparations for some Barbarossa era armies I have got a handful of these early Russian tanks. Now the FOW Barbarossa book is just released I will add to these to field some full units.

The T26s are Arrowhead and I have a few of these as still available for use with the FOW mid-war forces. I made one with the early turret for some variety.

T28 is Miniature Figurines (Minifigs). One of the few minifigs tanks I have kept hold of - like almost all their models it is a pain to clean up of flash etc. but looks nice when done. I will get some more once I work out how many I need.

T35 is a Panzer Depot model. One of their early ones so the paint job is not bad, although I gave it a weathering wash and some mud effect. If I need more of these I am not sure if I will go for Panzer Deport or Minfigs (much cheaper going the Minifigs route!).

Finally the BT7 is a pithead model.

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