Sunday, 19 October 2014

6mm Adler Portuguese

Another thing just finished in my mammoth basing session are the Portuguese. A couple of brigades of infantry. I have no cavalry as none of the scenarios I have require any - very little cavalry in Peninsular scenarios and all British, at least the ones in my scenario books.

I had never intended to do Peninsular or Waterloo as I had too much to do with other nations, but once my Prussians and Austrians got up to reasonably large numbers I decided I would like to branch out but deliberately decided that it would all be commission work so I would not dilute my own effort. Along with the French Guard cavalry in my last post these are all from Perfect Six.

The army consists of:

  • 4 regiments of line of two battalions each;
  • one battalion of Cacadores;
  • 12 skirminishg Cacadores
  • a 6 or 9pdr artillery battery.
The Portuguese infantry wore white trousers in summer and blue in winter (at least theoretically) - but also wore grey trousers from the British - so I had them done in a mix. All actually look nice and I am not sure which is my favorite. The flags are from a web site, downloaded and scaled and printed off on paper. You can see how this works in my post on basing (some Portuguese as it happens). The link for the flags can be found on my page "useful Napoleonic links". I still have several battalions of British left to base so a post for them will be a little while off.

The buildings are Timecast and Total Battle Miniatures. The two Timecast buildings I bought off ebay and were painted and based:

The village from Total Battle Miniatures I bought unpainted and painted up and based myself.


  1. Looking good. They flags look just the job.

  2. These are nice addition, really like the finish on them