Sunday, 25 May 2014

About the blog

Introduction to the Blog...

I will gradually be adding photos of my painted WW2 armies and my Napoleonic armies, and also the aim is to add some battle reports.

The scales and manufacturers I use:

  • for WW2 I use a mixture of 10mm, 12mm and 1/144 models. I use a range of manufacturers in plastic, metal and resin. I will describe the manufacturers as I build up my blog entries and also try and contrast some of the differences in the size of models;
  • for Napoleonics I use 6mm and these are all entirely Adler.
I will also cover terrain as I build up my entries. As I work out how to set the blog up properly I will try and add pages to provide links to the manufactures etc. as I go along.

As a starter I would recommend having a look at Perfect Six Napoleonic:

And here are a few starter photos:

British Sherman Crab (Pithead)

US M12 155mm gun carriage (Pendraken)

British 25pdr (Pithead with Pendraken crew)

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  1. Exceptional painting these are some of the best 10mm tanks I have seen and are an inspiration to get me into ww2 figure painting


    Richard n