Tuesday, 27 May 2014

WW2 Objective Markers

I use Flame of War rules for WW2 - more on that when I get round to some battle reports. For the rules I need to have objectives and have made some objective markers for this purpose.

The markers are burning and abandoned vehicles, with a resin 'explosion' marker I have painted up (after removing the base) and then put some 'smoke' around from a large piece of cotton wool sheet I lightly spayed black then teased out pieces to glue round the flames.

The Russian ones are made from Takara JS2 hulls:

The Western Allies are made from 2 Sherman M4A1 hulls and a truck. The Shermans are from the Takara game that had 8 unpainted vehicles - two each of Tiger 1s, Panzer IVs, T34/ 85s and Sherman M4s. For some reason the Shermans are smaller than the normal vehicle hence I used for a marker (you will be able to see the other vehicles in later posts). The truck is from New Toys Millennium:

The Germans are a Takara Panther hull and a Panzer IV hull from New Toys Millennium. I have yet to do the third German marker but planner on basing it on a Tiger 1:

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