Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Adler figures - heads too big?

Adler 6mm

just a short post on some facts about Adler figures.

Perfect Six (see recommended links) recently posted some Baccus British infantry and included a size comparison with an Adler figure. As you can see there, Adler are not 'super 6mm' or 10mm but are very much inline with Baccus 6mm.

OK, so they are 6mm, but what about this ongoing criticism that they have big heads? As you can see from the Perfect six post the head does not look any more out of size to the figure than the Baccus figures. However, the very early Adler figures did suffer from this a bit - although I would still prefer them as it was never extreme. Since I have been buying Adler since they first started business I can show a comparison of the original and current figures. Here are Austrian line infantry with helmet - original 1980s Adler to the left and the current Adler version to the right:

So the heads were a bit out of proportion originally (if you go back nearly 30 years), but the figures you would buy now have good proportions and personally I don't think the criticism is at all justified these days and seems to be based on very out of date information.

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