Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Napoleonic Command bases (3) - Murat, Ney

Adler 6mm

Here are some of the French command bases I have painted.

I particularly likes this figure - Murat and his aid Captain Manhes in the uniforms worn at Eylau in 1807:

Two heavy cavalry divisional commanders: Espagne and d'Hautpoul:

Marshal Ney:

Two divisional commanders:

Finally an artillery commander (foot figures are the artillery command figures in the Adler special range):


  1. These are exceptional great work keep it coming

    Perfect six napoleonics

  2. Hello Steven

    Lovely figs! I recognise some of those ADCs. I recently painted a few. You can see my attempts here:


    As you'll see if you look at mine, they aren't based yet. In fact I haven't decided on a basing solution yet. So none of my figs are based at all!

    Nice to see someone else working with Adler's stuff, which is my main 6mm brand of choice.